100L Journey (Online) - Feburary 2021 Batch

100L Journey (Online) - Feburary 2021 Batch

The Journey is a training school designed to achieve Jesus' goal of raising disciples. Our modules are well thought out and structured for easy assimilation and they are loaded with practical examples that are easy to follow and implement in your everyday life.

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Starts 06/Feb/2021

Who are you? It’s hard to go forward if you are void of understanding about who you are. A prince or princess who is unaware of their royalty will lead a very different life from one who is. In this class, you will learn about who you are, and how that influences your journey in life. At the end of this class, you will be able to; - Understand the make-up of Man - Appreciate what it means to be saved and what you have been saved from - know how to be saved


Starts 06/Feb/2021

You’re born again! Now what? There are essential things that make up your new Godgiven nature. The bible says, “...old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new”. But what are these “new” things? In this class, you will learn about the attributes of the “new” you and how that knowledge can birth a life of victory. At the end of this class, you will be able to; - know what a believer should know & do when he/she falls into sin - Understand Righteousness, Holiness and the Fear of God and the difference between them - How to walk practically in Holiness


Starts 13/Feb/2021

The Spirit of God indwells us as believers and that comes with some loaded benefits. But how does the Holy Spirit manifest in the life of a believer? 

In this class, you will be learning the attributes of the Holy Spirit and how His role in the life of a Christian.

At the end of the class, you would have learnt;

-       the characteristics of the Holy Spirit

-       the importance of speaking in tongues

-       how to be filled with the Spirit of God.


Starts 13/Feb/2021

God’s word is the foundation for living a successful Christian life and as a believer, it is the guarantee for a victorious life hundred percent of the time. 

In this class, you will be learning about the absolute importance of God’s word and the power meditation.


At the end of the class, you will be able to;


-     study the word of God tactically

-      define Meditation and understand its benefits

-       apply God’s word to life’s situations.


Starts 19/Feb/2021

Like it is fondly said, ‘a praying Christian is a winning Christian’. For every promise of God has given you, prayer is the access point to it, hence the prayer life of a believer is not one that should be treated with levity.  

In this class you will learn not just the importance of prayer but also practical ways to keep your prayer life at its peak, no matter what season of life you find yourself

At the end of this class, you will be able to;

·      understand the dynamics of prayer; How, why, when and how long you should pray

·      recognize the different types of prayer

·      identify the hindrances to prayer



Starts 19/Feb/2021

In this class Yes! You are the child of a King and the heir to an empire. However, one who is yet to recognize and you will learn all about the authority that the Father has conferred upon you. You will understand what it means to be seated with Christ in heavenly places and why your mere existence is a constant threat to the kingdom of darkness.

At the end of this class, you will be able to;

·      recognize the importance of putting your authority to use

·      understand in practical terms, how to exercise your authority

·      get comprehensive answers to FAQs on the subject


Starts 27/Feb/2021

You are now a born again, believing and practicing Christian. What’s next is to become a part of the body of Christ is, seeing as no part of a body can function in isolation.

In this class you will learn about what the church really is and understand the importance of being a part of it. 

At the end of this class, you will be able to;

  • understand the purpose of the church
  • recognize the importance of being planted in a church and joining a department
  • identify the responsibilities associated with being a member of the church.



Starts 27/Feb/2021

The saying, ‘As David never lost a battle, so will God’s walk be with us’, is more than something we just say. It’s a truth we believe in, and also, the reality we live in. It is thus expedient that you become grounded in the knowledge of these things.

In this class you will learn all there is to know about David’s Christian Centre and what is required of you as a member.

At the end of this class, you will be abreast of;

  • our core values and what its significance to us as a church
  • our leadership path, operational procedures and the governing board at the hem of affairs
  • our Alternative Churches and why they exist.
  • And various units/service groups we have as a church. 





Chikezie Oke is a graduate of Accounting from the Lagos State University (LASU). He is an associate member of the Institute of Marketing Nigeria and an alumni of the Edge Business School. He currently runs his own Real Estate Brokerage business and a professional Logistics and Storage company known as Move Easy across nations. Chikezie gave his life to Christ in 1993. He made the decision to become a member of the DCC family in 2001 after he attended a Sunday service themed “Dressed For”. He joined DCC workforce and was a founding member of the Traffic Department where he served as the head of department for many years. He also served as the Cell leader of Fifth Avenue Connect group and supervised the Prayer Department (Dunamis). He is the current Associate Resident Pastor of the Island church. He is happily married to his beautiful wife Chioma Vera Chikezie-Oke and they have two adorable children, Shania Nesochukwu and Shane Nduchimjiemeonu.


Diche Enunwa joined DCC in 2010. She has served in several departments including Soul impact, Benevolence and Balm in Gilead. She is currently an associate pastor of David’s army, the teenage expression of David’s Christian center. She is also involved in church creatives and is one of the visionary leaders of Soul tv Africa, the David’s Christian Centre film production unit. Diche is married to her best friend Dubem Enunwa and together they have two handsome and intelligent sons.


Ephraim, a Kingdom addict, joined DCC in 2014. He served in the Discovery and Dunamis departments and was the HOD of the Discovery Department. He currently serves as a General in David's Army, the Teenage Expression of DCC. He is married to the drop dead gorgeous beauty Queen, Temitola, with whom he passionately serves in the kingdom


Served as the Head of Department for prayer on the DCC Island Church, currently serving as the shepherd under the prayer ministry of DCC Island Church. Passionate about growing relationships with the Father and improving the quality of lives of people around especially those sent to me by the Father.


Joined DCC in 2015. Chidi has served in Discovery Department as Head of Database and HOD. He currently heads up the Journey Team - one of the discipleship schools of Davids Christian Centre. He is passionate about helping believers get results in their walk with God. He is a Technology Consultant by profession. He is Happily Married to Bernardine and together they are blessed with two boys.

Enrollment Closes 27/Feb/2021
Length 4 weeks
Effort 4 weeks of classes
Live Chat Enabled